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A desert landscape

There's a place for you. 

This is Drake McDonald, the lead writer and curator of

Hi! I'm Drake, and I'm an In-Between-er.


​My entire life, I've struggled to fit in. I've been too poor, too rich, too emotional, too distant, too Christian, too crass, too queer, too straight, too liberal, too conservative and way, way, WAAAYYYYY too much. Everywhere I've turned, I've always been just a little too out there to be one of us. ​


So I've decided to embrace the tension of living in-between. Rather than searching for a community with a narrative that fits me, I've decided to setup shop here in the middle. I'm queer and Christian, conservative and liberal, straight and gay (though I prefer the term complicated), and a lover of good clean fun who might share a few choice words every now and then. 


So if you're looking for a friend to help you navigate the wilderness between communities, I hope you'll join me, and we can walk this road together. Perhaps one day we'll come to the place you can call home, and we'll celebrate as you enter the gates! Or maybe we'll keep traveling together for the rest of our lives, and you know what? That'll be OK–


Because none of us will be alone Living in-Between. 

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